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  • How To Donate Your Cell Phone to Charity

    Your old cell phone does not belong in landfill. Unfortunately, a lot of people still either throw away their old phones or drop them in a recycling box without knowing where they’re going. Additionally, a lot of electronics recycling takes place overseas with workers who are often exposed to toxic chemicals and the like, rather […]

  • Earth Week is here!

    Happy Earth Week! This week is an exciting week for us at SecondWave Recycling. We’ve got our month-long Earth Day collection campaign going on at the Seattle, Portland and the Bay Area WeWork locations; in addition we are hosting a pop-up cell phone repair shop at all three Seattle WeWork locations this week, as well […]

  • WeWork and SecondWave Join Forces this Earth Day

      How are you celebrating Earth Day? One way is by simply donating your old phone to SecondWave. For this year’s Earth Day, SecondWave Recycling has partnered with WeWork, a cool co-working space where our new Seattle office is located! We will donate $1 for every phone collected during the month of April to our friends […]

  • Sell Your Phone. Get Paid. Help Charity.

    Here at SecondWave Recycling we love nothing more than helping our non-profit partners fund raise so they can do amazing things.  This is why we are excited to offer one more way you can help them raise funds: sell your phone through our cell phone trade-in program! We came up with the idea because we realized […]

  • It’s No-Shave November and our CEO has accepted the challenge!

    It’s No-Shave November and our CEO, Ryan Rubel, is taking on the challenge to let his hair go wild to help raise cancer awareness. The entire SecondWave team is excited to support this great cause, spearheaded by the web-based non-profit, No-Shave November.

  • FTC Mudslide Warnings and Free Online Fundraising You Can Trust

    If you’ve seen the recent FTC warnings about charity scams following the mudslides in Washington State, you may be wondering how to find free online fundraising you can trust. A recycled cell phone drive is one way to put together a fundraiser where every penny will go to support your cause.

  • It’s as Easy as 1-2-3! Start Your Own Free Online Cell Phone Fundraiser

    Ever have a really great idea to raise money for a charity or good cause that you feel passionately about? Most of us have an organization of some kind that is near and dear to our hearts. We would all like to donate more time and money to them, but don’t always know how or […]

  • Support a Charity Easily…Very Easily!

    It is typical for many cell phone users to be locked into a one to two year contract with their cell phone provider these days. When that contract is over, most cell phone users will upgrade to a newer phone. They want something that is newer than what they already have. They can take this […]

  • 5 Ways for Nonprofits to Collect Cell Phones for Easy Fundraising

    Recycling cell phones is an easy fundraising method that becomes even more profitable when you take advantage of all the ways your nonprofit can collect phones. These are 5 simple and effective methods to get you started. 1. Use your website If you don’t already have a “How You Can Help Us” section on your website, […]

  • Donate Cell Phones: 3 Weird Cell Phones, Infinite Good Causes

    When you donate cell phones, even the weirdest phone can help support a good cause. Go ahead and send us your standard model or something less ordinary. If you’ve got something stranger than these 3 cell phones lying around, we’d like to see it. Shape-Changing MorePhone: This flexible little guy curls up at the corners […]