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SecondWave is proud to host ongoing cell phone recycling program benefiting both St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Through the collection and recycling of cell phones, you can help support these amazing programs and services.  Plus, it helps the environment!

 Since 2011, Secondwave Recycling is proud to have
partnered With Amazing organizations
We've created a simple way to do so through the act of recycling cell phones.  
Whether you're an individual looking to recycle your phone or a charity looking to fundraise, we're here to help!  

How YOU Can Help

Donate 1 - 2

Self-paid shipping label for 1 - 2 phones or tablets

Donate 3 or more

Pre-paid shipping label for 3 + phones or tablets

Bulk Recycling

More than 100 phones, contact us for more details.


Secondwave Recycling was started by a family that has a passion for taking care of the environment and making a difference in the community.

To do this, we created a simple program partnering with non-profits to help in their fundraising efforts through cell phone recycling.


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