Recycle old cell phones with SecondWave.

It’s easy, free, helps the environment and raises funds for those in need.

Items We Recycle

SecondWave accept smartphones, iPods, tablets and basic cell phones for recycling. Also, we accept broken, cracked and non-functional devices.  Remember that the more phones you recycle, the more the charity receives!

Requesting a Free Shipping Label

Shipping with SecondWave is easy.  To print a shipping label visit our donation page and enter your contact information.  Best of all, shipping is free if you donate 3 or more phones.

Shipping & Packaging Instructions

  1. Find a small box or padded envelope for the phones you intend to ship. Larger boxes mean higher shipping fees and may be unnecessary for smaller items. Place the phones into the box and seal with tape. Don’t forget to pad with plenty of paper or bubble wrap.
  2. Tape your shipping label to the box or envelope. If you have not already printed your USPS prepaid shipping label you can request one here.
  3. Drop your shipment in the mail or schedule it to be picked up from your home or office. Alternatively, you can drop it off at the nearest USPS location. Find the closest location here.

How SecondWave Recycle Old Cell Phones

Upon receiving your phones, we perform a secure data wipe. This ensures any left behind data and accounts are permanently erased. After data wipes, phones are processed. Old and damaged phones are recycled locally  and newer phones are refurbished and sold. Last but not least, SecondWave donates proceeds to charitable causes.  Currently, our featured cause is Wounded Warrior Project ® (WWP).  WWP is an organization whose mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors.  Learn more about our featured cause and how your cell phone donation helps.

Data-Erase Videos




More data-erase videos to come! Contact us for specific data erase instructions or questions.