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SecondWave Recycling was started by a family that has a passion for taking care of the environment and making a difference in the community. To do this, we partner with non-profits and other amazing causes to help in their fundraising efforts through the collection and recycling of cell phones.

It all started…

…as kids growing up.  We loved playing outdoors in the woods and lakes of Washington State.  For our sister Kira, that love for nature also meant protecting it.  She reminded us constantly to do our part to recycle.  And that was long before recycling was the “in” thing to do.  Perhaps that’s one reason why Michael and I both ended up working in the recycling sector: Michael in electronics recycling and I in ship/oil platform recycling.  Together we covered quite a spectrum!

One day, in 2011, Michael and I were at our local surf break in San Diego and while we were waiting for the next set we started talking about our friend who was running into roadblocks with his non-profit.  He was having trouble fundraising and needed a new, fresh way to raise money.  We both quickly realized that we could help by creating a cell phone recycling program to benefit his non-profit.

And this was the spark that started SecondWave Recycling.

Since 2011, SecondWave Recycling has grown from that single idea to a company that has worked hard everyday to make a difference.   As a for-profit dedicated to helping non-profits fundraise, we define our success the same way our partners do:

Who did we help today?

Whether it’s working with Samburu Youth Education Fund to send Kenyan children to school, working with Surfrider to help preserve our oceans or working with SEAL Legacy Foundation to help support SEALs and their families, we are always working hard to support causes that need our help.  Knowing that we helped means it was a successful day.  – Ryan Rubel, Co-Founder


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