Sell Your Phone. Get Paid. Help Charity.

Sell Your Phone Here at SecondWave Recycling we love nothing more than helping our non-profit partners fund raise so they can do amazing things.  This is why we are excited to offer one more way you can help them raise funds: sell your phone through our cell phone trade-in program!

We came up with the idea because we realized that you want to help charity but, if you have a newer phone, you may prefer to sell your phone rather than donate.  By offering a trade-in option we’re putting money in your pocket with the added bonus of helping charity.

How?  For every phone sold through our cell phone trade-in program we will donate $1 (out of our pocket!) to our featured charity of the month.  Why?  We want to encourage people to keep phones out of the landfill because we care about our planet and our future.  Also, we want to help support charities that are making our world a better place.

Our partner in this venture, Newaya Recycling, is a perfect fit for us.  Like us, they are a young company with a strong team and great advisers.  Their main offices are located in Fort Collins, CO and they value our planet as much as we do.

So what are you waiting for!?  Sell your phone today through SecondWave Recycling to make a difference and get paid!