Donate Cell Phones: 3 Weird Cell Phones, Infinite Good Causes

Cell Phone

When you donate cell phones, even the weirdest phone can help support a good cause. Go ahead and send us your standard model or something less ordinary. If you’ve got something stranger than these 3 cell phones lying around, we’d like to see it.

Shape-Changing MorePhone: This flexible little guy curls up at the corners when someone is calling you. You can even program him so each corner sends a different message like whether it’s a text or an email. If you’re really excited about getting a call, he’ll bend over and over so it looks like he’s waving at you. The people at Queen’s University who made him, think bendable phones are the future.

Elfoid: Have you ever wished your phone could look more humanoid? This little wearable communications robot needs your love. Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Japan’s Osaka University says he’ll become part of your body and let you feel the presence of the people you’re talking with. Okay, maybe that is a little creepy.

Golden Buddha Phone: With a $1750 price tag, this beauty is decked out in 24K gold plate, jade and powder pearl lacquer. It was advertised as the best phone for the successful businesman. Unfortunately, due to its limited frequency, it didn’t work in the United States, Canada or Mexico. If you didn’t get yours, it’s too late now. Chinavasion says it’s out of stock and not coming back.

Actually to my knowledge, these 3 weird phones Do Not exist.

We just want to make a point that even the older or stranger types of phones can be recycled to help support good causes like veterans groups, children’s hospitals and animal rescue efforts. You can even contact us to suggest your favorite charity or get help with starting a fundraiser for the nonprofit of your choice.