How To Donate Your Cell Phone to Charity

Your old cell phone does not belong in landfill. Unfortunately, a lot of people still either throw away their old phones or drop them in a recycling box without knowing where they’re going. Additionally, a lot of electronics recycling takes place overseas with workers who are often exposed to toxic chemicals and the like, rather than being done properly and locally. This article will help explain how to donate your cell phone to charity. Read More »How To Donate Your Cell Phone to Charity

The Top Reasons to Recycle Your Old Phones

If you are like many people, then when the newest phone comes out you get excited and go buy it right away. However, phones don’t last forever, and before you know it it will be time to get a new one again. When that time comes, what will you do with your old cell phone(s)? While many people are good about recycling everyday items such bottles, cans, and plastic, not everyone thinks to recycle their old cell phones. In fact, if you are like a lot of people, then you likely have a collection of old cell phones collecting dust in your closet. If this is the case, here are just a few of the reasons you should consider recycling your old cell phone(s).

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Earth Week is here!

Happy Earth Week! This week is an exciting week for us at SecondWave Recycling. We’ve got our month-long Earth Day collection campaign going on at the Seattle, Portland and the Bay Area WeWork locations; in addition we are hosting a pop-up cell phone repair shop at all three Seattle WeWork locations this week, as well as hosting a Lunch & Learn with 5Gyres to educate and promote awareness about the plastic pollution in the ocean.

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Portland and San Francisco WeWork join Earth Day campaign!

It’s April and the countdown to Earth Day has begun! We’ve mentioned in the last post that SecondWave has joined forces with WeWork Seattle to collet old phone donations to help our friends at 5Gyres. We’re happy to announce that additional WeWork locations including Portland and San Francisco have joined our Earth Day campaign!

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Modern Day Dilemma: Recycle that cell phone

The Modern Day Recycling Dilemma as reported by the Wall Street Journal involves cell phones. We drive down the streets and see containers in front of houses where people are recycling paper, bottles, and cans. We might even see recycle containers in parks and businesses. Probably everyone knows about recycling those items. But, when was the last time you saw a container for recycling cell phones?Read More »Modern Day Dilemma: Recycle that cell phone

Donating Gently Used Smartphones Makes an Impact for Father’s Day


Donating gently used smartphones makes an impact anytime, but it’s especially important for Father’s Day. Here’s why we think so…

This year you can show Dad some love while protecting the environment and supporting charities that your family cares about. We have some ideas that any family can pull off.Read More »Donating Gently Used Smartphones Makes an Impact for Father’s Day