3 Steps to Donating Cell Phones

Looking to get rid of that old cell phone of  yours in your junk drawer? Donating cell phones to a great cause is better than letting it collect dust.

Before you donate cell phones , there are three things you should do:

1. Back It Up

You should be backing up your phone regularly anyway, but it is especially crucial if you no longer plan to own the device.

Apple provides a walkthrough on how to back up your iPhone using iCloud or on your computer using iTunes.

For an Android phone, set up your Google account to back up information through the settings menu. Many handset makers provide backup applications on the device.

2. Wipe It Clean

When you donate old cell phones  you want it as blank as when it came from the factory. This is easier said than done. As with PCs, electronic fingerprints can be difficult to erase. Apple offers details on how to do this, and Android phones can be reset through the same menu setting that allows for backup.

Owners of newer Android phones can use an app that is designed to wipe out data on the phone, such as Autowipe or Lookout. 

 3. Strip It Down

If your phone has a SIM card, take it out. It has your phone number on it and you might want to use it on your next phone. If your phone has an additional memory card, pop that outtoosince it may contain data that could be harvested by someone else.

It’s as easy as that in donating cell phones !!!