Modern Day Dilemma: Recycle that cell phone

The Modern Day Recycling Dilemma as reported by the Wall Street Journal involves cell phones. We drive down the streets and see containers in front of houses where people are recycling paper, bottles, and cans. We might even see recycle containers in parks and businesses. Probably everyone knows about recycling those items. But, when was the last time you saw a container for recycling cell phones?

Reality check – we can’t have containers on the streets where people drop off cell phones because they contain personal information. So, what do we do with our old cell phones?

A survey by ecoATM concluded that 57% of people in the United States have idle cell phones in their homes and only 22% say that have recycled a cell phone at one time. So, what happens with the phones that don’t get recycled? Some get dumped in the garbage, which is never recommended. The rest get stored somewhere in the house to be found years later.

So, what is the solution? There is a safe and responsible way to recycle cell phones.

The safe and responsible way involves donating via a company that knows how to remove all your personal information. Removing the information protects you. The safe and responsible way also involves donating via a company that will recycle your cell phone to good causes such as abused women who need a phone to call 911, or Soldiers who need a phone to stay in touch with families. There are many great uses for recycled cell phones.

Do you have old cell phones somewhere in your house collecting dust? Please contact us and let us help you get rid of those old phones.