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  • Where to Donate a Smartphone to a Military Charity

    It has been said that more than 1.5 billion smartphones are sold each year, and in America people tend to get a new phone every one to two years.  But, what happens to the old smartphones? Those old smartphones may be perfectly functional just a little dated.  A person should not throw an old smartphone…

  • How To Recycle Cells Phones in Bulk

    It is estimated that a person buys a new cell phone every 15 to 18 months.  As a result, cell phones create about 60,000 tons of electronics that need to be recycled somehow.  Remember, cell phones contain lithium-ion batteries that can be harmful to the environment.  But, they also contain metals that can be reused. …

  • The Top Reasons to Recycle Your Old Phones

    If you are like many people, then when the newest phone comes out you get excited and go buy it right away. However, phones don’t last forever, and before you know it it will be time to get a new one again.  When that time comes, what will you do with your old cell phone(s)?…

  • Recycling Your Cell Phone Tips

    Recycling Your Cell Phone Tips

    So you’re thinking about recycling your mobile phone and want a few tips as to what’s the best way to do it? This is what you should know before you mail in your cell phones and other devices: Make sure your account for the device has been deactivated.  Double check before sending in. We receive…

  • 8 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Phones

    8 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Phones When you upgrade your old cellphone, you then must decide what to do with the old one. You’ve got the shiny new one to carry around in your pocket, and the old one is just collecting dust on a shelf–but it doesn’t have to! There are several ways…

  • Portland and San Francisco WeWork join Earth Day campaign!

    It’s April and the countdown to Earth Day has begun! We’ve mentioned in the last post that SecondWave has joined forces with WeWork Seattle to collet old phone donations to help our friends at 5Gyres. We’re happy to announce that additional WeWork locations including Portland and San Francisco have joined our Earth Day campaign!

  • New Opportunities with Retrace Mobile Marketplace

    SecondWave Recycling is proud to announce a new partnership with Retrace Mobile Marketplace to sell all of our used cellphones and other handheld electronics.

  • Kyocera Cell Phone Recycling Program

    – Program makes it free and easy to recycle the 87 percent of phones currently sent to landfills, while funding free long-distance service for active military and veterans – SAN DIEGO – Mar. 25, 2015 – Building on its long history of environmental responsibility, Kyocera Communications Inc. today announced a nationwide cell-phone ‘Take Back’ recycling…

  • How to Data Wipe and Reset Your Blackberry

    Want to know how to data wipe and reset your Blackberry? This video is a tutorial on how to do just that!

  • How To Wipe Data From iPhone

    Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to wipe data from iPhone. It’s really easy and recommended prior to shipping in your phone.