Portland and San Francisco WeWork join Earth Day campaign!

It’s April and the countdown to Earth Day has begun! We’ve mentioned in the last post that SecondWave has joined forces with WeWork Seattle to collet old phone donations to help our friends at 5Gyres. We’re happy to announce that additional WeWork locations including Portland and San Francisco have joined our Earth Day campaign!

WeWork Custom House in Portland, and WeWork Civic Center, SOMA and Transbay in San Francisco have joined our effort in collecting and recycling used cell phones. For every phone collected during the month of April, SecondWave will donate $1 to 5Gyres, a community that combats global health crisis of plastic pollution. Drop off your old phone today at any of these participating WeWork locations, and feel good that you contributed to creating a cleaner environment. Oh, and while you’re at WeWork, grab coffee or beer, on them!

What does SecondWave do with old phones? We recycle and upcycle them. We work with local e-waste recyclers that responsibly recycle phone parts to be reused and repurposed elsewhere. If the phones are in working condition, we upcycle them to someone who might want to use them. Either way, we try to extend the use of the phones either in its original form or in parts, before it is completely at its end of life. That way we know that we’re doing our part to keep toxic metals and components out of the landfill and therefore out of the environment.