New Opportunities with Retrace Mobile Marketplace

mobile marketplace
Online B2B marketplace for used electronics

SecondWave Recycling is proud to announce a new partnership with Retrace Mobile Marketplace to sell all of our used cellphones and other handheld electronics. Retrace Mobile Marketplace is an online B2B trading platform that provides buyers and sellers a single place to come together to trade new, used, and refurbished mobile devices with transparency and security.

On a monthly basis SecondWave collects and recycles thousands of cellphones and other handhelds.  For the last few years SecondWave has been selling to individual buyers and other e-commerce platforms, but with this new partnership between SecondWave and Retrace Mobile, it will provide an efficient and transparent method in properly recycling and reselling of electronics.

“We are proud and excited to work with Retrace Mobile and are hopeful that this new relationship will increase our efficiency and motivate other recyclers to use this new trading platform.”  Ryan Rubel – President SecondWave Recycling