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Recycling Your Cell Phone Tips

So you’re thinking about recycling your mobile phone and want a few tips as to what’s the best way to do it?

This is what you should know before you mail in your cell phones and other devices:

  • Make sure your account for the device has been deactivated.  Double check before sending in. We receive a lot of phones that are still active. If you need help, click here.
  • Clear your device of all personal information before recycling.  If you have any questions regarding this important step, start here!
  • Do not include accessories, such as headsets and instructional booklets.  These add a lot of weight in postage (A LOT) and can be recycled locally.
  • Remove the SIM card if one is present.
  • When packaging the mobil device(s) make sure they are packaged in a small box or envelope using protective materials and securely attach a label to the box or envelope.  Click here to get a label.

Please note on erasing your data – Ensure that all personal information is erased from your device (text messages, contacts and personal photos).  Please keep in mind that you’re responsible for erasing your own personal data.  We respect your privacy and by erasing your own data, you’re assured that it’s safe to be recycled.