8 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Phones

8 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Phones

When you upgrade your old cellphone, you then must decide what to do with the old one. You’ve got the shiny new one to carry around in your pocket, and the old one is just collecting dust on a shelf–but it doesn’t have to! There are several ways you can repurpose your old cell phone and give it new life.

1. Use it as a remote for an Apple TV.

While you’re sitting on the couch watching TV, your cell phone might just be charging in the other room–and you don’t want to wind up unable to change the channel or even adjust the volume simply because your cell phone is charging! Keeping your old iPhone on hand as a remote for your Apple TV is a great way to make productive use of it.

2. Use it as an eReader.

You’ve got a wide collection of books linked to your account, but you don’t want to drain your primary phone’s battery while you curl up with a book. Your old smartphone is a great pocket-sized device for pulling up all those fascinating books, articles, and more.

3. Keep it in the car as an emergency phone.

Most phones will still dial 911 in the event of an emergency even if they’re no longer activated. Keep yours in your car or in an easily accessible location in your home so that you’re never caught out without the ability to call for help in an emergency. Keeping a battery charger next to the phone is a great way to improve the odds that it will still have life when you need it.

4. Have a handy music player that isn’t  your primary phone.

Whether you’re out exercising or you’re simply in the middle of a jam session, you don’t always want to have your music interrupted by phone calls or text messages. Your old cell phone can quickly become the perfect music player.

5. Browse the internet while connected to WiFi. 

This is especially useful if you’re at home and your cellphone battery has died. Keep your old phone charged and you’ll never have to lose connection with the wide online world just because you need to charge your current phone.

6. Use it as a tablet.

Carrying a heavy tablet or laptop can get old quick, especially if you have a small bag. Your old phone, on the other hand, makes the perfect tablet in a much smaller size. Toss in a Bluetooth keyboard to make it even easier to accomplish a wide range of tasks from the convenience of your old phone. When connected to WiFi, you can even use it to send out documents and other communications.

7. Add to your camera storage.

Each phone only has so much memory available, and you’re using a large percentage of it for apps and other information. Your old phone, however, is perfect for using as a camera, especially if you’re running short on storage on your primary phone. You may also find that you’re more comfortable taking your old phone out to wet, dirty events where the phone could be ruined, keeping your primary phone safe for future use.

8. Donate your old phone and give it new life.

Your new phone can do everything the old one could and then some, so why not pass the old one on? When you donate to SecondWave Recycling, you don’t just keep your phone from becoming trash. You also get to contribute to a great cause!

Choosing what to do with your old cell phone can be a challenge. When you’re ready to donate it, contact us! We’ll walk you through the process and let you know more about how your old phone will be used.