Support a Charity Easily…Very Easily!

It is typical for many cell phone users to be locked into a one to two year contract with their cell phone provider these days. When that contract is over, most cell phone users will upgrade to a newer phone. They want something that is newer than what they already have. They can take this opportunity to donate cell phones that they are no longer going to use.

Cell Phone Value

The value of your cell phone is something that you may not even be aware of. To the average cell phone user, the value of their old phone basically drops to zero once they are ready to upgrade and move on to the latest and greatest new thing. However, the real value of the phone is often much more. Old cell phones can range in value from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. That is a lot of money that could be going towards a good cause.

Donation Without The Pain

One of the benefits to those who are donating old cell phones is that they can do their good deed without too much personal pain. While it can hurt to reach into your own pocket and turn over some cash to a charity, donating a cell phone is rather painless. Since many do not think of the value attached to the phone that they are donating, they can easily give it away. They are relieved of the burden of trying to find someone who will buy it from them, and they are doing a good thing all at the same time.

Save The Planet

Don’t think that your good deed stops at the money that is gained by the charity of your choice. You are also doing a great service to the environment when donating a cell phone rather than just throwing it out. It is actually dangerous to have so many cell phones piling up in landfills, but that is exactly what is happening. With more people donating cell phones, this means fewer in the landfill.

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