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  • Donating Gently Used Smartphones Makes an Impact for Father’s Day

    Donating gently used smartphones makes an impact anytime, but it’s especially important for Father’s Day. Here’s why we think so… This year you can show Dad some love while protecting the environment and supporting charities that your family cares about. We have some ideas that any family can pull off.

  • FTC Mudslide Warnings and Free Online Fundraising You Can Trust

    If you’ve seen the recent FTC warnings about charity scams following the mudslides in Washington State, you may be wondering how to find free online fundraising you can trust. A recycled cell phone drive is one way to put together a fundraiser where every penny will go to support your cause.

  • It’s as Easy as 1-2-3! Start Your Own Free Online Cell Phone Fundraiser

    Ever have a really great idea to raise money for a charity or good cause that you feel passionately about? Most of us have an organization of some kind that is near and dear to our hearts. We would all like to donate more time and money to them, but don’t always know how or […]

  • Support a Charity Easily…Very Easily!

    It is typical for many cell phone users to be locked into a one to two year contract with their cell phone provider these days. When that contract is over, most cell phone users will upgrade to a newer phone. They want something that is newer than what they already have. They can take this […]

  • Social Giving Study – How to Make Fundraising Feel Good

    Recycling phones is one way to integrate social connections into free online fundraising so you maximize good feelings and convenience while supporting your favorite causes. A recent study confirmed that encouraging connectedness between givers and recipients is what makes giving such a happy experience. Researchers found that charitable giving inspires more good feelings when we give to […]

  • 5 Ways for Nonprofits to Collect Cell Phones for Easy Fundraising

    Recycling cell phones is an easy fundraising method that becomes even more profitable when you take advantage of all the ways your nonprofit can collect phones. These are 5 simple and effective methods to get you started. 1. Use your website If you don’t already have a “How You Can Help Us” section on your website, […]

  • Free Online Fundraising for School Spirit Days

    Free online fundraising helps to make school spirit days more meaningful when you collect cell phones to recycle for a good cause. We make it easy for anyone to start a cell phone fundraiser. School spirit days are a lot of fun, but dressing up like a hippy may not have much of a lasting impact […]