Free Online Fundraising for School Spirit Days

Free online fundraising helps to make school spirit days more meaningful when you collect cell phones to recycle for a good cause. We make it easy for anyone to start a cell phone fundraiser.

School spirit days are a lot of fun, but dressing up like a hippy may not have much of a lasting impact on improving your community or helping you get ahead in life. What if you could enjoy yourself and do something good for others and your own future?

You can when you add a free online fundraising, such as a cell phone recycling drive to your plans. The money you bring in can be used to buy new instruments for the school band or to support any good cause that you and your fellow students want to designate.

Organizing a fundraiser looks good on your resume, but it’s usually complicated. However, we can make it a lot easier by providing assistance at every step. You can get templates from us for posters and mailings to get the word out. Best of all, we’ll provide postage paid mailers and postage labels to make shipping the phones to us.  It’s simple and free!

If you’re wondering where to get started with collecting phones, there are plenty of good sources. In addition to the students at your school, you can encourage their family members to donate their phones. Also consider everyone who works at your school from the cafeteria staff to the principal. Put a notice in your school newspaper and put out flyers around the neighborhood to reach out to other local residents and businesses.

Contact us if you’re looking for a new way to raise funds for your school or a favorite charity. All you need to do is collect the phones and we’ll do the rest. It’s free, easy, and we pay for every phone you donate.