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Recycle Cell Phones: The Benefits of Recycling

Even Gordon Grekko upgraded to a new phone!

The average American gets a new cell phone every 18-24 months; this means that there are many people who have old phones lying around that they do not know what to do with since they no longer have a use for them. You may be thinking, “I will just eventually throw them away”. Many people think the same thing, but the fact is that in California, as well as several other states, it is illegal to throw away consumer electronics. If this fact has left you puzzled in regards to what you should do with your old cell phones, do not worry, it can be beneficial to recycle cell phones. If you are skeptical about why you should recycle cell phones, here are a few of the benefits of recycling your old cell phones.Read More »Recycle Cell Phones: The Benefits of Recycling