Save the Earth! Recycle Cell Phones

With the lifespan of the average cell phone being about 18-24 months due to cell phone contracts ending and the advances in cell phone technology, you end up with an old cell phone sitting in your drawer gathering dust for years or you maybe (gasp!) you throw it in the garbage.

With the success of the ever popular smartphones more and more cell phones are ending up in landfills which leads to tons of lead being improperly disposed of into the earth. The majority of a standard cell phone can be recycled and to the Environmental Protection Agency, only a small percentage of unused cell phones are being recycled.

The environment is in great risk because people choose to improperly dispose of their old cell phone. There is a definite need for cell phone recycling programs that’s intended purpose is to help the environment and help individuals in need. Thankfully, companies are beginning to realize something needs to be done and are organizing cell phone recycling programs.

Veterns of the Military, low-income families and victims of domestic violence can all benefit from these programs. Just think of how nice it will feel knowing your old cell phone can be used by somebody in need. It’s also tax deductable.

SecondWave Recycling wants to help save the environment by asking you to donate your used, unwanted cell phone to someone in need. Please contact us for more information on how you can help somebody in need and help save the environment all at the same time.