Donate Cell Phones to Celebrate the Holidays!!

It’s never too soon to start thinking about how you can donate cell phones to celebrate the holidays. After all, advertisers start talking about Thanksgiving when you’ve barely got your kids back in school. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Halloween Trick or Treating: You’re already going door to door so why not collect some phones for a good cause? It’s also convenient if you’re the kind of parent who just realized you’ve got two costumes and three kids. All you need is a big cardboard box a child can wear around their waist with a slot cut out in front to create a cell phone eating monster. Your neighbors can feed their old phones into the slot. If they can’t find their phones in time because they’re trying to make a last minute costume, you can give them a card with our website so they can do it themselves later. They won’t want to forget knowing they’ve got a hungry monster living nearby.

Thanksgiving Dinner: Thinking of others is a great way to remind ourselves of our blessings. Of course, your dinner guests can still bring the usual pumpkin pie or bottle of wine, but use your invitations to suggest that they’re also welcome to bring an old cell phone instead.

Office Holiday Party: Supplement the usual food and toy drives. Ask employees to consider bringing a phone to donate. For extra fun, they can make paper or cloth covers with holiday themes and hang them on the office tree until you’re ready to package them up for shipping to us. It’s a lot safer than hanging a 5 pound can of butter beans.

Charitable giving makes the holiday season more meaningful, and we make it really convenient. If you collect more than 10 phones, just contact us for a FedEx label.

Happy Holidays!!!