Why Recycle Cell Phones? Why not just throw it away?


Why Recycle cell phones?  Here’s a perfect example as to why you should.

You are excited because you just purchased a new cell phone, possibly the new iPhone 8 or the Galaxy S8 Plus.  You can’t wait to get home and play with it! You take pictures and videos, you text friends, you tweet, and you call friends. You especially love talking and having your phone send your text messages!

As you put your new phone down, staring at you on the table is your own phone. How to get rid of it? Just throw it away, right? NO! First, you need to take care of protecting your information. If you are not sure how to do that, there is information on our data erase page. Or, you can contact us and we will help you.

Ok, so your information is protected. But why not just throw it away? Because that cell phone that you once loved is toxic to the land. The circuit boards contain arsenic, lead, mercury, and other toxins. The batteries contain heavy metals that are lethal to the land. Many of the chemicals in cell phones have the potential to be released into the air when burned and can create air pollution.

You can also save energy. How? If you recycle cell phones, you can be part of the energy solution. Did you know that for every one million cell phones recycled, we can recover 75 pounds of gold, 772 pounds of silver, and 33,274 pounds of copper? If the United States recycled the 13 million cell phones that are thrown away annually, we could save enough energy to power more than 24,000 homes for a year! (environment.about.com)

Don’t you want to be part of the solution? Part of the pollution solution and part of the energy solution? Please contact us today and we will help you be part of the solution.