Recycle Cell Phones: The Benefits of Recycling

Even Gordon Grekko upgraded to a new phone!

The average American gets a new cell phone every 18-24 months; this means that there are many people who have old phones lying around that they do not know what to do with since they no longer have a use for them. You may be thinking, “I will just eventually throw them away”. Many people think the same thing, but the fact is that in California, as well as several other states, it is illegal to throw away consumer electronics. If this fact has left you puzzled in regards to what you should do with your old cell phones, do not worry, it can be beneficial to recycle cell phones. If you are skeptical about why you should recycle cell phones, here are a few of the benefits of recycling your old cell phones.

Recycling Cell Phones Helps the Environment

Cell phones are produced using many valuable recourses including plastics and metals. The recycling of cell phones lessons the rate at which we use up these non-renewable resources. Furthermore, the production of these electronic items utilizes a great deal of energy and has a negative effect on the environment through the emission of greenhouse gasses. In fact, recycling just one cell phone saves enough energy to power a laptop for 44 hours. Recycling in any form reduces the effect we have on the environment.

Recycling Cell Phones Helps the Less Fortunate

Many non-profit organizations help their communities by collecting and recycling their old cell phones. These old cell phones then help those in need as these organizations will either sell the cell phones and use the money to benefit the less fortunate, or they will refurbish the cell phones and give them to those who could not have otherwise afforded a cell phone. By donating your cell phone, you can feel good having helped the environment and your local community.

While recycling your old cell phones may take more effort than holding onto them, it is more beneficial to recycle them or donate them to those in need. However, if you do not know how or where you can donate your old cell phone(s), contact us; we can provide you with information on how to recycle your old devices.