It’s Fall and Time to Clean Out the Garage: Donate Cell Phones

A few weeks ago, some of my friends decided to clean out the garage. No one knew what was in that garage! After a few hours, I checked to see how they were doing and half of the garage was empty and on the driveway. I looked around the corner and saw their son laughing and looking at a box full of things. My friends were trying to explain, but he just kept laughing. I admit, after listening for a few minutes and looking in the box, I started laughing too.

In the box were several cell phones. Some used, and some brand new. As I listened, I realized they had purchased some phones, and put them in the box in frustration at not knowing how to use them. They were too embarrassed to ask for help. I felt for them as they had purchased several phones that were in good shape, but gave up and tossed them in the box.

After a few minutes, we stopped laughing and their son and I talked to them about alternatives. Instead of putting the phones in a box, how about donating them? There are programs, that when you donate cell phones, they are used by people who need them.

One such program is Secondwave Recycling. Since he was a veteran, he was very interested in a program like that. So, we encouraged him to ask some questions and consider never storing the old phones again, but to donate them to soldiers.

Are you like my friends? Do you have phones that you want to be used? Contact us and we can help you find solutions. We would love to help you donate your cell phones to help others.