Erase Your Cell Phone Data Before You Donating

Before you donate cell phones, erase your cell phone data. We’ll do a “data wipe”, but this is something you should really want to do for yourself. If you’re like most people, there are probably photos and stuff from your internet history and love life that you’d like to keep private.

People put all kinds of things on their phones. Some of it may just cause embarrassment equivalent to that feeling you get when you wave back at someone and then realize they were not waving at you, and now you’ve got to pretend you’re fanning yourself off.

On the other hand, there could also be stuff that would get you featured on your own episode of America’s Most Wanted. This is just a partial list of things you may want to erase:

More than 100 Pictures of Cats: Now that we’ve seen the video of a cat in a shark costume riding a Roomba while being chased by a duck, there may be nowhere left to go in this genre anyway.

Proving You Don’t Change Your Passwords: Maybe you even use your birthday and street address.

Dating Site Profiles: Sure, your friends signed you up without your knowing. It was their idea to leave out the fact that you’re technically engaged.

Your name is Anthony Weiner: Enough said.

Like we said, it’s our policy to clean the data off any phones we receive, but we recommend that you clean your phone first. Once you’ve destroyed the evidence of your most embarrassing moments, contact us to donate your phone and support causes you can be proud of.





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