How to Pack and Ship Your Phone!






We’re sort of shipping experts, sending and receiving thousands of packages every month.  One question that we always get asked is “What’s the best way to ship my phone?”.

That’s an excellent question!

When recycling your phone(s) with SecondWave, here’s a few very easy tips to make sure you’ve properly prepped, packed and shipped them.

Tip #1 – Delete personal data.  We ask everyone who recycles their phone(s) with SecondWave to delete their personal data.  Though we do guarantee that all data will be wiped once we receive your phones, we ask everyone to do so for their own piece of mind.

Tip #2 – Select the proper box or envelope.  After printing your free postage paid label, find a small box or small padded envelope to send in your phone.  Postage gets really expensive and if you throw your phone in a huge box we are charged a lot more for that one phone.  We’re all doing this to help out charities and by keeping postage low, we can give more!

Tip #3 – Do not include accessories.  We accept all cellphones and their batteries. All other accessories, such as ear pieces, chargers, booklets, CDs, etc. can be recycled locally.  Again, see Tip #2 regarding postage.  It gets really expensive, especially if you’re sending in a phone, plus accessories.

Here are a few examples of what’s good and what’s bad.  And when in doubt….just ask

Good Shipment
Good Shipments!!!
Bad Shipment
Bad Shipment!!!