Life before touchscreen – Donate your old cell phones to us today!

Technology is getting hard to keep up with these days.You are noticing all your family and friends, young and old, having the latest and greatest ‘cellphone’ on the market. Are you THAT person, the one who still has to flip or slide your phone to get to the keyboard? It’s okay if you are, but let’s face it, it’s time for a change. Welcome to 2014! Now, you are probably semi-attached to this dinosaur phone, but we’re afraid you have to cut your ties. One last request though before you move on to bigger and better things, don’t just throw that phone away, do something good for the environment, and donate your old cell phones to SecondWave Recycling today! We are a company who actually does something useful with those phones with keypads and antennas!

Why not try to sell it, you ask?

If it is an old enough phone (keyboard or slider worthy), your odds are pretty low that you’ll get a sale. Smart phones are a way of life now, and you’d spend more time putting up the post than what it’d be worth if you sent it to us. Forget the $2 you’d possibly make, if you send it to us, we’ll refurbish it for parts and those proceeds will go to our charity organization partners.

Lastly, start 2014 on a good note: Get yourself up to date with technology and donate that ‘old school’ phone to us today! Feel free to contact us with any questions!