5 Things Not to Send Us When You Recycle Cell Phones

recycle cell phones
Donated cell phones. Ready to be recycled!

We love it when people recycle cell phones so we make it free and easy to support great causes and reduce the e-waste in our landfills. The only thing we ask is that you send us nothing but your phone and batteries.

We accept chargers, but you can recycle them locally for free. You can also leave out your booklets, ear pieces and everything else that came with your phone. While you’re at it, these are 5 more things to skip when you ship us your phone:

Cats: The more you spend on fancy cat towers, the more determined your cat will be to climb into any empty cardboard box. If he refuses to get out, order a pizza and distract him with a box that has its own heater.

Facebook gift cards: Now that people are tired of Facebook they figured it would be a good time to ask them to spend money on games they stopped playing.

Dora the Explorer toys: Dora is a fine role model, but there are only so many Spanish lessons any parent can take. That’s especially true when Dora keeps telling kids to say it again and say it louder. Is there someone left who doesn’t know what la mochila means?

Stuff you were into when you were 5: Maybe you’ve got relatives who wait until you turn 21 to give you the Christmas presents you used to want. We don’t really have much use for a Girl Scouts handbook either.

Leftover swag: Sure, most of us can always use another USB drive. On the other hand, people tend to re-gift the extra small t-shirts advertising stuff like Facebook gift cards.

Remember, send in only phones and batteries, and recycle the rest of your stuff locally. Contact us for more information on using your old cell phones, PDAs, and tablets to support causes important to you.