We Take Phones that One New York City Robber Turns Down

Flip Phone

You may have to donate cell phones if you’ve got a model so old that even a robber refuses to take it off your hands. A disappointed mugger in New York City handed a stolen cell phone back to his victim because it wasn’t up to his standards.

Two men were recently confronted by armed robbers in Central Park. The criminals flashed a gun and told them to hand over their briefcases, wallets and cell phones. On the bright side, one of the men got his phone back right away and was able to call 911. When the mugger saw it was a 2010 LG Quantum cell phone with a screen that you had to slide up to get to the keyboard, he refused to take it.

While it sounds funny, it could have been a disaster. The robbers had a gun, and there were two of them. If you need to be reminded about why it’s a bad idea to go walking through Central Park at 12:35 in the morning, let this be the last word on the subject. Just think what could have happened if the guy had a flip phone.

So remember, when you decide not to upgrade your cell phone, it’s like you’re breaking a robber’s heart. Every time you refuse to buy a new iPhone 5S, you let them down again. You’re telling them you just don’t care. Of course, if all this doesn’t exactly have the same appeal as fighting poverty and global warming, you can always visit us to support more important causes.

No matter how old you and your electronic devices are, you can still do good things for the environment and for great charities. Contact us to donate your used cell phones and tablets the free and easy way. Apparently, we’re not as picky as those robbers in New York City!