Better Than a Bake Sale: Free Online Fundraising For Churches and Youth Groups

BakeSaleIt’s not that bake sales don’t work, we all love a good brownie or blueberry muffin. But for some people, donating baked goods isn’t easy to fit into their schedule. Some people are too busy to spend half a day in the kitchen whipping up something delicious that someone else is going to eat. Similarly, once all those baked goods have been sold the fundraiser is pretty much over.

It seems like a lot of work for a fundraiser with limited income potential.

Maybe it’s time to look for alternatives. There are several different free online fundraising programs, but here we’re going to show off our awesome cell phone recycling project. Clearly we feel it’s a superior method and hopefully you will agree.

Free to Register

It doesn’t cost anything to register for a fundraiser and our company promotes active fundraisers through our website, too. Use the form on our website to contact us and to sign up. We will support you every step of the way.

Raise Money All year Long

Some groups choose to put a “due date” on the phone collections, but others maintain a year-round recycling fundraiser. it’s up to you and how you think your group would benefit the most.

Promote Within Your Group

Some groups print flyers with the website information that donors will need in order to get their phones sent in. Others choose to place a box in the rectory hall and encourage donors to bring their phones in by a certain date. Still, others choose to share a link to our website on the group’s Facebook page or email list. A combination of methods is usually most effective. The beauty of sharing our website with your group is that people who aren’t even involved might want to get rid of their old phones and feel better with the knowledge that it’s supporting a good cause.

Free to Contribute

When your members want to donate to the bake sale, they need to buy ingredients and bake something. It costs them time and energy to support the fundraiser. But a cell phone recycling fundraiser costs them virtually nothing. They can print a shipping label from our website or order a postage-paid envelope big enough for two phones.

Low to no Liability

Getting insurance for bake sales is getting tricky these days. Deadly nut allergies and dietary restrictions can all have a negative impact on the results of your fundraiser. No one in all of recorded medical history has reported an allergy to donating a used cell phone. True story; look it up.

If this already sounds better than a bake sale, contact us to learn more about how to get started with your free online fundraiser!