An easy way to clean out your junk drawer is to donate cell phones.

cell phones

We love our cell phones when we get them. We are amazed by the new features, the improved cameras, easier texting and we are excited to play the novel games installed. They are shiny, pretty new toys we pull out and brag about for weeks after the purchase.

However, the months wear on and the phone that was shiny and new has been dropped a few times (for some of us more than a few), the screen that was so clear and bright is scratched and dull. And although you had promised yourself that this time, with this phone, you would not throw it in the same pocket of your purse or pocket as your keys, that habit was too hard to break.

Then you dropped it once again, and reading your texts has become a mental exercise more stimulating than the daily crossword puzzle, and you can no longer share that cute photo of junior after he got into your make-up bag (which is maybe a good thing since junior was twenty-five at the time). Finally, you give up on your phone, buy a new shiny one and throw that old phone into a drawer.

This cycle which has been repeated a few more times than you want to admit to over the years has resulted in a junk drawer that is over-flowing. It’s time to clean out that drawer, but what can you do with all those phones?  Well, you can donate cell phones. It’s easy, free, good for the environment, and the phone you donate may just be the phone that saves a life. For more information on how to donate those old phones hanging out in your junk drawer, simply contact us.