Why Complete Cell Phone Data Wipe is Important

Data Wipe

With all of the clutter surrounding so many of us, it’s a good idea to do some cleaning, even if the Punxsutawney Phil claims that spring is far away.

A simple way to start is by clearing out all of those unused or outdated cell phones hidden in your junk drawers. Of course, you don’t want to simply toss them in the trash for two very important reasons!

#1 – It’s not good for the environment.
#2 – Your personal information might be on your phone.

So, what’s the alternative? Some communities and electronic stores hold recycling drives for electronics, but what about any personal information you may have left on your old phone?  Like the numbers of your friends, family, and work contacts? Phones are not just communication devices anymore; they are mini computers where you store PIN numbers, addresses, pictures, and all kinds of other personal information.

Here at SecondWave Recycling, we understand these concerns and provide cell phone data wipe to thoroughly protect your private information. You may be wondering, “Why can’t I just delete everything myself?” We encourage you to delete as much as you can, but we promise to double check and perform a complete cell phone data wipe that will delete anything that is left behind.

You may also be wondering what we do with the collected phones? We support many non-profit organizations through the collection and recycling of old cell phones. Contact us for more information.

And remember to do wipe your data, though all phones we receive go through a full cell phone data wipe!