Washington Cell Phone recycling

Recycling Your Cell Phone in Washington State

There are literally more cell phones in Washington than people at this point, so you might be one of those people looking to dispose of that old phone you have been carrying around.

With so much confusion about how to properly recycle an old phone, it is no wonder why the vast majority of people don’t.

The truth is, without understanding where and when recycling needs to occur, most people do not pay any attention to this which is a mistake. There are probably a couple of old cell phones sitting in your closet for this very reason.

Why not put that old phone to use again? Secondwave Recycling set out to make things easy when it comes to phone recycling and created a way for you to feel even better about it.

Washington Cell Phone Recycling

Secondwave Recycling has created a way to not only receive free cell phone recycling but also takes some of the proceeds and donates them to important charities. If you want to feel good and protect the environment, recycle your old phone with us.

Because of Washington States’ commitment to keeping electronics from the landfill, Secondwave Recycling was created to make the process easy and to give back to the world.

How Florida Cell Phone Recycling Works

The recycling process in Washington:

  1. Visit Secondwaverecycling.com
  2. Click on the “Donate Now” button
  3. Fill out the short survey
  4. A free shipping label is sent
  5. You Pack it
  6. You Ship it
  7. We wipe any personal information from the phone
  8. The phone is recycled or refurbished
  9. From there we donate proceeds to various charities
  10. You feel great for doing the right thing!

Each phone will be completely wiped of its data, if not already done so. From there we inspect each phone to see if it cannot be refurbished or needs to be recycled. Phones can be filled with precious metals which can be sold as a commodity or refurbished and resold if in working condition.

The phone or its components are then sold and some of the proceeds can be donated.

Secondwave Recycling’s Accepted Devices:

We accept the following devices:

  • iPhones & Smartphones (working or not)
  • iPads
  • Tablets
  • Basic cell phones
  • MacBooks
  • Chromebooks

*Please note; We do not accept desktop computers, landlines, monitors or other electronics not listed above.

Why Should I Recycle My Old Cell Phone?

Think about it…

There are millions upon millions of cell phones currently in use. Further, there are all the old phones that are replaced annually by consumers. In short, that is more phones than humans in this world.

Every year, on average, a single person purchases a new phone.

Cell phones can contain numerous chemicals that have the potential to seep back into our environment when disposed of improperly. Recycling them makes perfect sense.

If you are considering recycling that old mobile phone, you can also feel good about your partnership with Secondwave. Whenever we refurbish or recycle a phone, we contribute proceeds to charity.

Pretty cool right?

We make recycling not only easy, but something you can be proud you did!