Kyocera Take-Back Program

Preferred Provider of recyCling Services for Kyocera international, Inc.

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Doing Right.
Kyocera Cell Phone
Take-Back Program

Since beginning business in 1959 Kyocera has embraced a principle called “harmonious coexistence,” doing what’s right as human beings for the environment and society.  This guiding principle is why Kyocera is working with SecondWave Recycling to provide a cell phone take-back program that is completely free, enabling the responsible disposal of old cell phones. We accept any and all brands of mobile phones for recycling.

Kyocera is pleased to provide a free, pre-paid shipping label for the recycling of your phone (all brands accepted).  Simply use the fields on the right side of this page to request your shipping label. In the spirit of recycling, Kyocera encourages you to reuse an existing box or envelope to send your phone(s).  If you do not have one, Kyocera will gladly provide one at no cost to you.  Please contact us by email to request your free shipping container.  In your email, please include your mailing address.  Once your request is received, the container will be sent to you and should arrive within 7-10 business days. Once received, simply print a pre-paid shipping label and affix it to the container.

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How to Clear Data From Your Kyocera Phone

Kyocera Smart Phone

1. Go to Settings
2. Backup & reset
3. Factory Data Reset (Erases all data on phone)
4. Reset Phone (Erases all personal information and downloaded apps!
You can’t reverse this action!)
5. Erase Everything
6. For technical assistance please contact Kyocera Customer Service
at (800) 349-4478

Kyocera Feature Phone

1. Go to
2. Select Support
3. Select Your Carrier
4. Select Your Phone Model
5. Open the User’s Guide PDF
6. Go to Settings – Reset the phone in one of the following menus:
a. Reset & Delete Menu
b. Security Menu
7. Follow the detailed instructions in the user’s guide to Reset & Delete
your phone content
8. For technical assistance please contact Kyocera Customer Service
at (800) 349-4478

Protect Your Privacy!

Please help us protect your privacy. Here are some tips to remember before you recycle your wireless phone:

  • 1. Turn off power
  • 2. Remove your phone’s SIM card, if it has one
  • 3. Erase your address book, photos, messages and all other stored information
  • 4. Restore the device factory settings on your device


For instructions on how to do this, go to the owner’s manual or follow the instructions provided above for deleting all personal information on your wireless device. Once your wireless phone has been shipped, SecondWave Recycling cannot return it to you. Participation in this program is voluntary and constitutes a relinquishment of all rights to and in the hardware and other related materials sent to SecondWave Recycling.