Best Way to Recycle Your Cell Phone in Illinois

You may not be aware, but it is illegal to throw away certain electronic devices in Illinois, including your cell phone. In 2008, Illinois created legislation known as. The Consumer Electronics Recycling Act was created as a statewide system for the reuse or recycling of electronics to protect the environment.

As a result, consumers are finding it difficult to know where to properly recycle their old phones versus simply throwing them in the garbage. Because, phones contain hazardous metals such as lead an toxins, you can understand the push for proper recycling.

Illinois Cell Phone Recycling

With the onset of strict governmental regulations regarding cell phone recycling in Illinois, Secondwave Recycling was born on the premise of helping people recycle their mobile devices, all the while giving back to the communities with the proceeds from recycling and refurbishment.

How Cell Phone Recycling Works in Illinois With Secondwave Recycling

Secondwave created the cell phone recycling program, perfect for Illinois residence to protect the environment and give back to charities via the work that we do. The process of safely recycling your cell has never been easier.

The recycling process is easy and looks much like this:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the “Donate Now” button
  3. Fill out the short survey
  4. A free shipping label is sent
  5. You Pack it
  6. You Ship it
  7. We wipe any personal information from the phone
  8. The phone is recycled or refurbished
  9. From there we donate proceeds to various charities
  10. You feel great for doing the right thing!

When we receive your cell phone, the data is completely wiped to safeguard your information. From there, we determine if the phone can be resold or needs to be recycled, working with electronic recyclers who practice environmental safety.

We then use the proceeds to donate to many great charities and foundations. Pretty cool right?

We set out to design a company that not only protects the environment for future generations, but also, in turn uses the proceeds for old phones to enhance the lives of the people of the charities we support.

What Types Of Devices Can Secondwave Recycling Accept in Illinois?

We accept the following devices:

  • iPhones & Smartphones (working or not)
  • iPads
  • Tablets
  • Basic cell phones
  • MacBooks
  • Chromebooks

*Please note; We do not accept desktop computers, landlines, monitors or other electronics not listed above.

Why Recycling Your Phone with Secondwave Recycling Makes Sense?

On average, every person on the planet purchases a new cell phone almost every year. 18 to 24 months to be exact. That is a whole lot of cell phones, old, broken, new and used. My guess is you probably have an old cell phone sitting somewhere in your home that needs to be recycled.

These phones contain toxic materials that can breakdown over time and lead to potential health and safety issues if left unchecked.

When you choose Secondwave Recylcing to refurbish or correctly dispose of your phone, you are choosing to do the responsible thing. On top of that your old cell phone will silently contribute to helping the community through our business model of giving proceeds back to charities.

If you are an Illinois resident who wishes to dispose of an old phone or many od phones, try us out! You will rest easy knowing that your old phone is properly taken care of and with the bonus of knowing you are supporting communities.