New York Cell Phone Recycling

How Do I Recycle My Cell Phone In New York?

There are enough cell phones in New York that every man, woman, or child could have one in each hand as they stroll down the street. To put it simply, there are millions of cell phones in the State. On top of that, cell phones are replaced, on average every 18 to 24 months, which begs the question. “Where do we dispose of all these old cell phones?”.

Considering how much confusion is out there about the laws and regulations of cell phone recycling there is no wonder why only about 3% of these phones are recycled.

Rest assured, that is why Secondwave Recycling was created. To create an easy way to recycle your old phones and devices with the added benefit of giving back to the community.

New York Cell Phone Recycling

New York has implemented certain laws in the State for proper regulations around cell phone recycling due to the massive influx of new devices and the fact that cell phones contain chemicals that can be harmful if left unchecked.

Secondwave Recycling was created to help New York and other States create a method for responsible recycling that is not only very easy but also gives back using the proceeds from your donation to help the surrounding communities.

How New York Cell Phone Recycling Works

For starters, we wanted to make the process so easy, there would be no reason not to do it, while maintaining our values in sustainability and giving back to the community with the proceeds. Cell phones contain precious metals that are stripped down and used as commodities if the phone is not working or the phone is refurbished and then resold for a profit. We take some of the profits and give back to charities.

The recycling process is easy and looks much like this:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the “Donate Now” button
  3. Fill out the short survey
  4. A free shipping label is sent
  5. You Pack it
  6. You Ship it
  7. We wipe any personal information from the phone
  8. The phone is recycled or refurbished
  9. From there we donate proceeds to various charities
  10. You feel great for doing the right thing!

Each phone is carefully wiped of all its data. The phone will either, then be refurbished or recycled.

Secondwave Recycling’s Accepted Devices:

We accept the following devices:

  • iPhones & Smartphones (working or not)
  • iPads
  • Tablets
  • Basic cell phones
  • MacBooks
  • Chromebooks

*Please note; We do not accept desktop computers, landlines, monitors or other electronics not listed above.

Why I Should Recycle My Outdated Cell Phone?

For starters, recycling is the right thing to do. Phones contain chemicals that are harmful to human health and if left in landfills, these chemicals can seep into the soils and groundwater creating potentially unfavorable conditions.

Recycling removes this threat and also keeps our landfills less full. If everyone threw their old phones in the trash, those billions of phones would fill things up fast.

Recycling that old phone with Secondwave also helps the community. With every sale we then take the profit from the phone and donate to charities around the area.

So as you can see, recycling your cell phone with Secondwave Recycling is the right choice. We make getting rid of your old cell phone not only easy, but something you can feel good about.