Here’s Your Easy Fundraising Opportunity to Give Back.

Cell Phones

What better time to get rid of your “old” cellphone than now? With new models coming out faster than one can eat a bowl of popcorn at the local cinema, most of us end up with a small treasure trove of seemingly obsolete technology in a corner of the room only to act as a landing pad for the local dust goblets to land and socialize on. Why not do something good with your old cellphone and use it as an easy fundraising opportunity?

Donating your old and gently-used cellphone to a fundraiser serves a double purpose of helping people in need, while also providing you with an extra incentive in cleaning out your home and replacing that phone with a newer and shinier sister model. Without such an incentive, why not donate that old phone of yours?

We pride ourselves on providing the general public with a way to contribute to a good cause in a way that costs them virtually nothing. If you would like to know more about what it is we do or would like to see where you could contribute, please feel free to contact us!