Oops…I just dropped my cell phone in water!

So you just donated your old cell phone and now you have a shiny new phone! It’s a big day,  like getting a new car.  You don’t want to scratch, ding or heaven forbid, drop it!  On top of that, drop it in water…We’ve all experienced this first hand or know of someone who gave their cell phone an unexpected bath.
So instead of wishing that you still had your old phone in a drawer somewhere as a back-up and hadn’t donated it, why not try this?  It sounds a bit strange but it works.

Phone in Rice






STEP BY STEP – I Just Dropped my cell phone in water!

 – Remove the phone’s battery cover, battery, and SIM, if your phone uses one.

– Use a q-tip and dab the connection points (shiny, goldish) on the battery, SIM, and phone. This helps the drying process.

-Put the phone in a bag of uncooked rice for over 8 hours or longer just to be sure.  It’s strange, but it pulls the moisture out of the phone.

I’ve used this method before and it seems to work with not only phones, but other electronics.  With that said, don’t worry about donating that old phone, just do it.  Because even if you’re new one takes a dive into a drink, it still might have a good chance of recovery!






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