Pre-Paid Label Request Confirmation

Thank you for donating with Secondwave Recycling!

Please keep an eye out for your shipping label.  If you don’t receive it within the given timeframe, please reach out to us.

Some important things to remember prior to shipping

  • If possible, remove any device locks (iCloud, Google, or Samsung Locks).  Click here for instructions.
  • Only include devices and their respective batteries.
  • Do not include accessories such as:
    • Headsets
    • Car chargers
    • Cases
    • Instructional booklets
  • To ensure safety, please pack items in a sturdy box or padded envelope.


Please note
Batteries must be properly installed in the devices.  If your phone does not have a battery, we will still accept it.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT LOOSE OR DAMAGED BATTERIES.


If you have additional questions, contact us below.  Thanks!