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Cell Phone Recycling is Easy

Dig deep into your junk drawers and find your old cell phones, smartphones and tablets. The great part is that shipping is free when your recycling three or more phones!

Cell Phone Recycling is Easy

Clear your data, accounts and other personal data then safely package your phones in a small box or padded envelope. Please keep in mind that larger boxes mean higher shipping fees, and are unnecessary if recycling small items.

Cell Phone Recycling Step 3

Send your phones to SecondWave and we’ll do the rest! Each donated phone helps take care of the environment and makes a difference in the community.

What a fabulous idea for used cell phones! I’m so glad I found you. And, everything is so efficient and you donate to charity as well. What could be better! Jane B.

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Before you send in your phone . . .

. . . be sure to remove your password, deactivate your phone and erase all personal data from your phone.  For help on how to remove your data, check out our data erase tutorial videos. And don’t worry if you can’t erase all your data because once received, we make ensure that all phones are cleared of data. Also, please remember to not send accessories, such as earpieces or instructional booklets.

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