Why cell phone data wipe is important!

cell phone data wipeThere is one thing that is important to consider for your own information security when getting rid of your old cell phone: a cell phone data wipe.

Cell phones are with us all the time. You are always entering new data into your phone, with every day of use.

The data that is on your phone right now would probably shock you. The address book likely holds more than just phone numbers, sometimes addresses are added too. Browsing the internet on your phone can lead to a bunch of data being saved as well. Banking passwords and shopping passwords are just a few of the things to think about before you recycle your cell phone.

Luckily, phones can be wiped so they can be properly recycled. It is often as simple as navigating through a few menus and pressing “wipe SD card” or “wipe all data”. Searching online for your model of phone can lead you to a variety of places to help you or by simply emailing us at SecondWave Recycling we’ll give you step-by-step instructions to properly wipe your data.

Once you believe you have erased you cell phone data: feel free to give your phone a charitable second life. Simply contact us at SecondWave Recycling . We will recycle your phone and the proceeds will be delivered to a charity in need. Best of all, we will second check your data wipe. If there is any data left on your phone we delete it.

It’s as simple as that!