Convenient and Secure Solutions for
Business Cell Phone Recycling.

SecondWave is dedicated to helping businesses, corporations, government agencies,
schools & universities recycle cell phones and electronics 
in a way that helps take care of
the environment, supports veterans and makes a difference in the community.


Upon receiving your phones, SecondWave performs a secure data wipe to ensure any left behind data, information or accounts are permanently erased.


SecondWave makes recycling easy. Simply contact us below, tell us about what you need to recycle and we will respond with a pre-paid shipping label.

Items We Recycle

SecondWave accepts any quantity of smartphones, iPods, iPads, tablets, basic cell phones and more. We even recycle broken or cracked devices!

Give Back

By donating used cell phones and other electronics you are helping take care of the environment, supporting veterans and making a difference in the community.


Easy as 1,2,3...Collect your old cell phones & electronics, box them up, then use our pre-paid shipping label to mail them to us and we’ll do the rest! Business cell phone recycling is easy and free.

Make a Difference

According to the EPA, only 13% of all cell phones are recycled. This means millions of cell phone phones go into our landfills each year. Make a difference by recycling your old cell phones.

We have worked with hundreds of businesses, government agencies, lost and founds, schools and non-profits recycling cell phones.  Contact us using the form below.  One of our team members will contact you to discuss our program.

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