What is SecondWave Recycling? Why donate my phone(s)?

SecondWave Recycling is a family owned and operated business that supports charities through the collection and recycling of cell phones, tablets and other handhelds. Most all of us have old phones sitting in a drawer somewhere. Why not recycle them and put them to good use?

How do I donate my phones, tablets or other handhelds?

You can send phones, tablets or other handhelds directly to:
SecondWave Recycling
1608 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, OR 97232

If you have 3 or more phones you can request a postage paid FedEx label.

What types of handhelds can be donated?

All makes and models are welcome, including other handhelds, such as tablets, ipods and e-readers. Working condition is not an issue.

Should I send my accessories?

You can include the phone’s charger, but please do not send instructional booklets, earpieces or other accessories.  These can be recycled at your local Goodwill or most electronics stores.

How many phones qualify for free shipping?

If you have 3 or more phones you can request a postage paid FedEx label. If you have 1-2 phones we ask that you cover the shipping costs.

What happens when I donate my phone?

Every phone goes through our triage department to determine if it can be resold or recycled.  Either way, your phone will go to support a charity.

Do I need to worry about personal data left on phones donated?

For peace of mind, we encourage donors to erase all personal data prior to sending in their phones.  SecondWave does its best to ensure all data is cleared when we receive phones, however we are not responsible for any data left on your phone. Please take the time to erase your data.

How much of my phone will be donated to my chosen charity?

We donate 100% of the wholesale value of the phone to the chosen charity. Newer phones in excellent condition will raise more money for your charity, though we gladly accept all types of cell phones and other handhelds (tablets/ipods).

Are my cell phones tax deductible?

Please consult with your tax advisor to determine whether this donation is tax deductible.

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