SecondWave Recycling is dedicated to making every effort to protect the environment. We’ve created an environmental policy that every team member follows.  We even carry this dedication into our everyday lives, outside of work.

Our Environmental Policy is as follows:

Our Environmental Pledge: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

E-Waste is defined as electronic products that have met the end of their useful life.

SecondWave follows a strict No Landfill Policy for itself and the partners we work with. This means that all e-waste we collect and process will NOT end up in a landfill.

SecondWave also has a No Foreign Processing Policy, meaning e-waste we collect will NOT be recycled in foreign countries.

Some unfortunate e-waste facts
  • In the U.S., consumers “trash” more than 135 million cell phones every year.
  • Only 14% are collected for reuse or recycle.
  • The average cell phone user gets a new cell phone every 18 months.