Donate cell phones and help support any cause!  It’s Easy, Free and 100% Secure.

Donate Cell Phones for Military Charities and Causes


Donate now to support military.

At SecondWave recycling our primary focus is providing an outlet for Americans to donate cell phones, so that their efforts provide monetary assistance to persons in need.  Our program helps those who have sacrificed their lives protecting our freedoms.


Donate Cell Phones for Environment Charities and Causes


Donate to support the environment.

When you donate cell phones to SecondWave, one of the biggest winners is our environment.  Your willingness to recycle cell phones helps protect our beaches, oceans, rivers, and all the animals that live in and around the water.


Donate Cell Phones for Children Charities and Causes


Donate now to support children.

Your old cell phone represents an opportunity for a child in need.  When you donate cell phones to SecondWave Recycling, you can choose to earmark proceeds from your donation to support a variety of programs such as children’s hospitals, education, and after-school programs.


Donate Cell Phones for Charities and Causes


Donate now to (insert your charity).

Ok, let’s face it, there are a lot of great causes in this World and we’re proud to support them. Whether it’s a church or women’s shelter, we’re happy to support a good cause. If you would like to recycle your cell phones by donating them to help a cause of your choice, we will do our best to acknowledge your requests.